Milroy Robinhood Grenfell

Future Sire (Poll): Milroy Robinhood Grenfell (AI) G256 – BDKG256

Birthdate Monday, 25 April, 2011   Tattoo BDKG256

Milroy Robinhood Grenfell - BDKG256 (Poll)


    Allendale National W168 (P)
  Allendale Superstar B28 (AI) (ET) (S)  
    Allendale Dawn T60 (AI) (P)
Allendale Robin Hood D194 (P)    
    Allendale Kenworth 2 (P)
  Allendale Fancy U5 (AI) (P)  
    Allendale fancy 248 (AI) (P)

    Braxton Bonanza 225H (IMP NZL) (ET) (P)
  Kenya Kidman (P)  
    Kenya Moonbeam 5 (P)
Days Silvia E4 (AI) (TW) (P)    
    Allendale Robin Hood (AI) (P)
  Allendale Silvia Z223 (AI) (P)  
    Allendale Silvia R3 (P)

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