About Us

Milroy Hereford Stud was established at Byaduk in the Western District of Victoria in 1993, based on Coora and Ardno studs – 4 stud heifers from Coora and a bull from the Ardno stud. Over the years we have purchased heifers from Thornleigh, Gorian and Injemira studs. Some of the AI sires used in the stud are Onslow Quest, Pacer 50W, Coora Ulladulla, Lyonbank Grand National, BR LI Regulator, Centennial Tribute, HH Home builder and Smithston Tam O’Shanter, Churchill Voucher and Ironbark Galaxy. In 2009 we purchased a bull from the Melville Park stud.

In 2011 we established a Poll Hereford Stud, based on heifers from the Allendale Stud and a bull from the Ebbeck stud also semen packages and ET packages from the dispersal sale.

In 2013 we purchased semen packages, Injemira National and Yarram Park Legion, Unique and Lottery and they have been used in our AI program.

In 2014 we purchased 2 cows and 2 heifers from South Boorook dispersal.

In 2015 we purchased 2 heifers I bull and semen packages from Mount Difficult.

At the Mawarra Hereford sale in 2016 we purchased 1 horned cow with a bull calf at foot and 1 poll heifer in calf

In February 2017 we purchased 3 cows from the Bowmont dispersal.

We currently have 10 rising two year old bulls for sale and an entry in the heifer challenge too, so come and see our entry and cattle on display.

The stud bulls display good growth, temperament, structure and fertility. Our aim is to breed sound animals that will generate as much profit per hectare as possible and breed bulls suitable for finishing steer progeny for the supermarket trade. The cattle are group breedplan recorded and bulls have been scanned for eye muscle area and fat depth. The stud cattle are run with commercial cattle, fine wool Saxxon Merino sheep and a prime lamb enterprise. All cattle are dehorned, are MN2 status and Eu accredited.

We look forward to your visit.